You can distinguish between a personal and a business call.

Ever get a call and wonder whether it is business or personal call? Not sure on how to answer the phone?  

Getting a separate phone number for business eliminates this guesswork for you. You will quickly be able to determine a personal call from a business one, and you can prepare yourself accordingly to answer the call. Make and receive business calls from your smart phone and keep your personal number private. You can also text with your customers using your business number straight from your smartphone.

Your business will come across as more professional.

Studies show that you only have seven seconds to make a first impression. When a potential customer calls your business, the first impression comes down to your phone greeting and voicemail.

With CoextroVoice, the Digital Receptionist is included in your package. This allows your customers to select from a menu of options to reach their destination efficiently and quickly, no live receptionist required. This will give your business credibility and work to promote the name and image of your small business.

Easier to maintain work-life balance.

When you first start a small business, it can be easy to let your work life leak into your personal one. With a business phone number, if a potential customer calls you after hours, the call will go to a digital receptionist and they can leave a voicemail. Your voice mail recording will be directly emailed to you. No more dialing special numbers to check your voicemail. You can preserve your privacy without comprising accessibility.

CoextroVoice allows you to set your business hours so your business phone number can shut off while your personal phone is on and active. 

It will be easier to scale as your business grows.

Some small businesses start off with one person but as the business grows, so will your team. Whether you need 1 extension or 1000, you need a system that can handle the growth. CoextroVoice allows you to add an extension with ease.